Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Heads Up!

Wooo!! It's finally getting warmer out!! And that means I'm more inclined to go outside and do stuff. I hate winter.
 Anyway, I wanted to give a heads up for this Saturday. In Woodstock, VA at W.W Robinson Elementary School. It's done through the Woodstock Police Dept. There will be the National Guards 25' climbing wall and Rolling Thunder. They'll be etching VIN numbers onto the kid's bikes, and onto your car windows if you like.
 There is going to be so much to do, and it's ALL FREE!!! Donations are accepted though.
Here's the link to the WPD's Facebook page with the info.

Upcoming places I'll be headed to:
Harpers Ferry, WVA (of coarse, b/c it's my favorite place)
Kayaking the Shenandoah in Front Royal, VA
Color Run Marathon in Roanoke, VA
Gettysburg, PA
Gordonsville, VA for a visit to the Civil War Exchange Museum (again, it's a cool place!)

That's all I know 100% for now. But we pick up and go, so you never know where we'll end up!