Monday, May 20, 2013

Washington DC, May 4th

After a night of debaucheries (firefighters night), Veronica and I woke up and decided we wanted to take a road trip to DC for the day. She had her 2 y/o nephew, William, and of coarse Bailey (my kiddo) was with me.
 We left the hotel, picked up the boys, and met up in Front Royal at the park & ride, and carpooled to Vienna. From Vienna, we took the Metro (woo! a train!). Those ticket machines at the metro are confusing as hell....but, the people who worked there were very helpful, and nice. We took the blue line into DC. We got off at the Foggy  Bottom station, and walked about a mile to the Harbor. Yes, we took a boat ride. The boat ride was around 2hrs long (45 min both ways). I think for me and Bailey it was $20. Children 1 and under are Free. Here's some of what we saw from the boat:

After that, we walked back up to the city, and went over to the National Mall. We were too late to go to the museums...everything was closed...But, we still got to see all of the memorials! The WWII memorial was a new one for me, and it's beautiful!! The Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument were as breathtaking as ever....Here's pictures from our walk to the Mall, and the memorials (all free).

 I have more pictures, but they won't load...I'll add as I can :)


Apple Blossom Festival, Winchester, VA May 3rd & 5th

 So Friday night my friend Veronica and I went out to Firefighters Night for the Apple Blossom Festival. It was super fun...We drank, we mingled, we had a good time :) It's SUPER crowed. The parade is really long, it's a bunch of firetrucks and rescue squads and loaded with good-look'n guys in uniform!!! Jepp Robertson and his wife, from Duck Dynasty were the stars of the show. The parade is great for kids.
 The mid-way mostly for adults. Which is why I left my kid at home, and finally had a grow-up day!! Woo!! The mid-way is a pedestrian mall downtown. It's on the parade route. It has lots of bars. The prices are jacked up, but it's once a year right?? Anyway, we had a great time!!
 Tip: Bring cash, ID, and wear comfy shoes! You'll be walking a lot!
                                                             Here's me and Veronica:

We skipped Saturday's festivities (that's the next post!).
Sunday, Bailey, my friend April and me went to the Bluegrass Festival!!
My beloved Steeldrivers were there <3. They are the most humble and down to earth you'll ever meet.
They sell their own merchandise lol They take pictures with everyone who wants one, and they're just really nice. Oh, and their music is AWESOME.
The other two bands was a gospel quartet. The lady sounds a lot like Tanya Tucker. The other was the Grascals who are also amazing!
There were three bands. They each played two sets. Tickets for adults were $25 each, 12 and under were free. It is well worth the money!! They had a 50/50 raffle and a Fender Banjo raffle!

The Steeldrivers with my son, Bailey!!! This made his day!!!

These tasty HUGE thing of bacon cheese fries from the food truck made him happy too :)bacon
I won that banjo raffle!!!!!! Now I need to learn to play it!

Love the Bloom <3

Tips: Bring a jacket, a seat cushion, cash, and wear comfy clothes. They had a a nice cafe type table set up with scones, coffee, drinks, baked goods, sandwiches...good stuff!!
The bands were selling tshirts and CD's.
There was a little farmers market type table set up (mmm tomatoes!)
Food truck outside selling hot food. I think it was Country something....Great BBQ and hot dogs!
The bathrooms were the big porta-potties on top of a flatbed truck/trailer thing...they weren't bad. Coming from me, that's a lot (public bathroom phobia) lol.
I believe they were even selling beer :)
 It was a great time! If they have good bands again next year, I'll be there :)