Friday, November 30, 2012

Halloween Fun!

 Like 2 months late....sorry 'bout that. I've been working like crazy!
Anyway, so really other than Trick-or-Treating, the only thing we were able to do was our favorite
haunted house attraction, Darkwood Manor in Luray, VA. Every year they have a different theme, and it's always AWESOME. I've been taking Bailey, for the last three years. He loves it. He's 11 now, so I guess as far as being "kid-friendly", it depends on how much your own kid can actually handle. There was another 11 y/o with us, his friend Drew, who was scared to go in, but I pulled him in, and he loved it and wanted to go back in! My friend's 11 y/o went, stood in line, and at the last minute wanted no parts of it, and wouldn't go it all depends on the individual.
 So this year while standing in line, we had the good fortune of meeting, BEETLEJUICE! He was awesome, very entertaining. There was also a little (in stature) girl...She was like a doll or zombie or something. She was pretty cool too. They definitely keep you entertained while you're waiting to go in.
They got all hi-tech this year, and had a big projection screen going outside, and a few digital effects inside.
  Here are a few pictures:
Beetlejuice, Drew, Bailey, & two of our cousins in the back.

Drew, Bailey, and the zombie doll girl.

This is my good friend Stacey from school and me!
I made this from ONE trashbag lol.

My pumpkin.

These boys are CRAZY lol. We were in Target waiting for everyone to meet up to go to Darkwood Manor.
The next day I took them to the Alamo drafthouse. They do this super cool Saturday morning cartoon thing. This time is was Halloween themed old cartoons!!! Animaniacs, Bugs Bunny, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, etc...for 2 hours, and for $4!! And, they have have all you can eat cereal!! :D

After the Alamo, we met up with my mama and grandparents at he Golden Corral. This isn't really a special place, extactly....I just had to put these crazy boys antics on here lol. They had a cotton candy machine and a chocolate fountain. Which they put the two together.
They had this stuff EVERYWHERE. And it wouldn't come off!!! They had my Papa laughing so hard :D

The more Drew wiped, the worse it got lol

Oh, and after that we went to the Halloween store in Manassas....where a Zombie tried to bite me. I kid.... I kid..... It was a fake bahahahahaha

We had such an awesome weekend!! :)

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