Friday, September 28, 2012

Edinburg Ole Time Festival

 Last weekend in Edinburg, VA  was the 'Ole Time Festival. Edinburg is a teeny tiny town in Shenandoah County. It's pretty much two streets (of main road). Route 11 runs right through it. It's located between Woodstock and Mount Jackson.
  I love Shenandoah County. It's just a few small towns, but there it seems like every month, there is something community driven to do. Last month we had the Rt11 Yard Sale Crawl and the fair. This month we had the Edinburg 'Ole Time Festival.
 'Ole Time-y Day (as my mom and I call it), is on the two main streets. They're lined with tables full of crafts, and food trucks. Usually, at the old elementary school there are bands playing and dancers (like cloggers), and food vendors and craft tables set up on the lawn, but  didn't see any of that when I drove past.
  I always park at the top of the hill, and make my way down. If you go down Rt 11 and cross the river, there are vendors set up at the Edinburg Mill. The Mill is open for tours (Free!). It's pretty cool inside. There's food down there too (There is stuff to eat everywhere).
 There is also a rubber ducky race, and a parade! The parade....hhmm....there is really no point to most of what is in the parade....there were a couple of guys on tractors....a couple on four-wheelers....a few cars.... I think the only few things that had purpose were the people and beds that were in the annual bed races, the Massanutten Military Academy marching band (they were great and led the parade), and the Central High School marching band and Flag Corp (they were awesome and closed the parade). My biggest complaint about the parade is that THEY ALLOW TRAFFIC TO GO THROUGH IT!! They need to find an alternate route or something. We couldn't see half of what was going on, because of the traffic. That is so annoying.
 On a more positive note, Thank you to the people who live at the big huge pink house on the corner for letting us sit on your lawn for the parade :)
 Here's the link for more info on the Edinburg 'Ole Time Festival (wear comfy shoes, and sunblock!)
All The Best, Candi

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