Friday, September 14, 2012

Strasburg Emporium

  I love going to the Strasburg (VA) Emporium and just walking around looking at everything. The place is HUGE. There is so much stuff to see...Lots of antiques and vintage items, books, vintage clothes and jewelry, quilts...You name it, it is probably in there! The prices on a lot of the stuff is pretty high, but those items are generally priced about right considering what it is. There are bargains to be found though! They have a Clearance/As Is room!! If you enjoy re-doing furniture like I do, this is a great room to rummage around in.
 Inside the Emporium, is a little cafe (It also has outside access). I haven't eatin there since the new owners took over, but I hear it's pretty good!! The smell of coffee wafts through the air inside the building. It's pretty nice.
 I take my son with me, a lot when I go (lack of a sitter, plus he likes the old stuff too). He isn't rowdy,running around, loud, or anything. He's well behaved, and knows his limits. The only gripe I have really about this place, is that I've noticed that when he's with me, we get followed. Once the man who was working the register in front, followed my family (myself, son, grandma, mother, aunt, and another child), around the store for a good 30 min. Then two or three weeks ago, a lady who owns one of the booths was watching my son like a hawk. I don't appreciate that. I understand you don't want your items stolen or broken, but you don't have to be so blatantly obvious that you have targeted my kid who wasn't doing anything wrong. Everything else about the Strasburg Emporium, I LOVE.
 So next door to the Emporium, is the Indoor Flea Market. It's a great little place if you're looking for Star Wars, wrestling (WWE?), and comic book items. The rest of the stuff is iffy. I always feel the urgent need to wash my hands once I leave. My greatest find was a stack of reprints of Vintage WWII "Join The Army" posters. My boy is weirdly interested in WWII for a young kid, so I knew he would love them!Plus, on the back they had an address sticker that had my little brother's childhood friend's grandfather's name, address, and phone number! That was kindof cool :)
 Across the parking lot is this quaint little shabby chic shop, with the nicest lady inside. She is just so sweet. She has lots of lady-like items inside, and lawn decor sitting out front.
Here are some pictures from the trip!

 All The Best, Candi

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